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Frank Weekly- Video blog week 14

Hi Guys, and welcome back to another week of Frank weekly!

These are unusual times and we are all trying to make sense of it. However, my podcast focuses on lifestyle and health, and while that may seem immaterial at this point, I feel it is important to hold onto some form of direction and routine during these turbulent times.

I would also like to use this post as an opportunity to thank the Irish public for their great efforts in following government guidelines on social distancing an essentially saving lives. This is lifestyle show, so ensuring the safety of the public is something which I cant support enough.

I will continue to create videos for as long as I keep getting such hug support from yourselves. The channel is currently growing in numbers and going from strength to strength.

Despite being in self-isolation I was able to find a new weekly guest, who I think can offer some excellent advice on health and fitness. I am lucky enough to share a home with 3 times Irish triathlon champion, Sinead Madden. Her schedule requires her to keep in shape year-round. In this video she takes us through her isolation workout which you can all use at home. 

I might follow up this video with some insight into her diet and lifestyle. Send me on a comment and let me know if this is something that you would like to see!

So check out the video below, and remember to like and share. Also what video content would you like to see next? Please post suggestions below along with your feedback on the video. Thanks!

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