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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes: The best punk band you don’t know about

Photo by Finbarr Brennan

Frank Carter is a singer-songwriter and tattoo artist from London, England. Carter broke into the music scene realtively late in life compared to others in the industry. Carter joined his brothers band, Gallows, in  2005 and sang for them until 2011.

After an unsuccessful attempt at finding success in another band, Pure Love, Carter stepped away completely from the music industry and focussed all of his energy on tattooing. This was until 2015 with the creation of his latest musical endeavour, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

The band consists of Frank Carter (lead vocals), Dean Richardson (lead guitar), Tom Barclay (bass guitar), Gareth Grover (drums) and Thomas Mitchener (synths, producer). The band have released two studio albums since their formation. Their first album was released less than a year after forming in 2015, Blossom. Their most recent effort was released in January last year, Modern Ruin.

Frank Carter, as a musician, doesn’t play any instrument. However, Carter makes up for this by possessing impressive vocal abilities and an unbelievable stage presence. It is clear from his stage performance that Carter loves being there.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have played in Dublin three times. Their first show was part of the Kerrang! Tour in 2016. The gig took place in The Academy venue in Dublin city. Their second show took place in the same building, but in a different room. This room is only capped at around 150 people.


The band’s latest concert on Irish soil took place in the Tivoli Theatre in the heart of Dublin City. With Ireland’s own Chinese Newspaper and Geordie band Demob Happy as support, The Rattlesnakes took to the stage to deliver yet another raucous performance for their Irish fans.

Frank’s first words addressing the audience consisted of an apology for being unable to go ahead with their previously scheduled show back in November. This show was the rescheduled date. The show went on to be your typical Rattlesnakes show with heavy riffs, aggressive drumming and harsh vocals with many melodic vocals in between.

The band closed the show with their most popular song to-date. The song is called “I Hate You” and closes all of their setlist. The crowd at this show, like all the other shows they play, spared no time in screaming the lyrics back to Frank and the rest of the band. As Frank says at most of the shows, “this song is about that person you can’t stand and wish they were dead”. The song rings through to the audience as they, like us all, have someone we despise.


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