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Francis Street: Oriental Rugs



photo credit: selinbaykara

Mahmut Balkir has been a successful trader in Francis Street since 2006. He is the owner of Oriental Rugs Co. and imports handmade Persian, Afghan, Caucasian, Turkish rugs, cushions and runners.

His story is inspirational for young generation. He is from Turkey, primary school graduated, learned English by himself and came to Ireland in 1994. He worked in three different jobs at the same time when he first came to Ireland. Eventually, he saved enough money to have his own shop. Now, he is the only credible expert in Ireland with thirty years experience.

Mahmut Balkir said, “Being passionate about your job not only makes you successful but also a happy person.” He travels around the world to find valuable rugs. The process

is an adventure, searching and exploring are the key words of the job.

Hand made rug from Turkey, Hereke Photo Credit:
Hand made rug from Turkey, Hereke Photo Credit:

Oriental rugs are known for the uniqueness of every rug produced.Each rug has particular weaving technique and use of colour that uniquely linked with the culture, village, town where they are woven. Some of the leading rug exporters are Asia, Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal.

The store invites you to explore the unique stories of each rug with his guidance. For further information visit

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