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France Vs Ireland – A difference of culture

Dublin - Credit Photo : Lucille Rombi

As a French student abroad, I couldn’t help but notice differences between Ireland and France.

Here are some of the differences :

Beer vs Wine 

Guiness in a Pub - Credit photo : PharaoKing (Flickr)
Guinness in a Pub – Credit photo : PharaoKing (Flickr)

The first fact must be a stereotype. As you walk in a pub in Dublin, you will see all these different types of beer, and of course their dearest Guinness (really good I must admit).  It may be a little cliché, but it turns out to be true.

As in France we are used to drinking wine, very often and very good wine, like that one on the best wine tours in willamette valley. They definitely know the difference between a wine cooler and a wine cabinet.

Going out the night

Cocktail Credit Photo : Lucille Rombi
Cocktail Credit Photo : Lucille Rombi

As a student, I must admit I went out a few times and was definitely not used to the hours Irish party.

Some clubs open really early 6 or 7 pm, and most of them close at 3 am the latest. While in France, clubs open not earlier than 11 pm and close around 6 am.

But anyway, every time is a good time to have fun!


As I wander in the street of Dublin, the amount of Ice-cream shop caught my attention. There will always be people eating ice-cream in such a cold weather.

In France, ice-cream is made for summer, once it’s cold, we do not eat freezing food!

• Cheerful and music

Musician in the street - Credit Photo : Ian Sane (Flickr)
Musician in the street – Credit Photo : Ian Sane (Flickr)

One of the best thing in Dublin is the light-hearted atmosphere. Indeed, many musicians are performing in the street, and we all know music makes people joyful and it gathers people. And if you go across pubs, you might hear Irish people singing in unison with live music!

In addition to that, everyone is sociable, it’s easy to walk in a pub and chat with random people!

Which is not what we could find in France.

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