Four tips for students who want to live in Dublin

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Living in another country is an extremely exciting experience, but it is also very challenging. This can make you feel somewhat anxious and confused at times. Some of the factors which can make foreign students feel this way are: the difference in food; the weather; culture shock; feeling home sick, etc.

This article gives 4 tips on how to cope better with your life while in Dublin.


The weather in Ireland is unpredictable. This is often the topic of discussion with many people. It’s always best to pack an umbrella or rain coat in your bag because it rains all year round. You can also never really on the forecast so be ready always


Ireland is famous for dairy products, such as, butter ( Connacht Gold, Kerry Gold), or fresh milk which are produced from farms. During an ordinary day, I have often had bread with butter and milk tea for breakfast. It usually only takes about 10 minutes to prepare a meal. There are a lot of supermarkets as well as convenience stores in Dublin that have competitive prices; for example, Dunnes Store, SuperValue, Tesco, etc. An Asian market is also located in Dublin 2 and Dublin 1.

Food and Guinness beer Photo Credit Don Richards ( Flickr)
Food and Guinness beer Photo Credit Don Richards ( Flickr) 

3/ Transportation

Depending on your monthly budget, you will find the best way to commute to school is either by walking, cycling or by public transportation. Riding a bike is the best way to go to school. You just need to invest for a second hand bicycle which usually can sell for about 100 euros. Cycling also has advantages and disadvantages which you should consider carefully. In term of advantages, cycling is the best way to exercise which can improve your health, reduce stress and save a lot of money. On the other hand, cycling a bike on either a very windy or humid day is not a very good idea. Taking the bus is expensive in Dublin. If you don’t have a Leap Card, you will spend approximately 100 – 150 euro every month. The Leap Card help you save the transportation fare up to 15%.

Dublin Bus Photo Credit desomurchu archive gallery
Dublin Bus Photo Credit Desomurchu archive gallery ( Flickr)


The worst aspect about living abroad is coping with the effect of homesickness and loneliness. Living away from home means that you will miss your friends and family. If you are a student, you do however, have a lot of opportunities to make friends with your classmates, who come from different countries. You can also experience a different culture. Most people are very friendly, sociable and open-minded. After some conversations, you might want to ask them for for their WhatsApp number or Facebook information to keep in touch with.

Besides that, if you want to improve your English, you can go to English clubs or exchange culture club that are easily to find from Meetup apps. There are a lot of groups you can join depending on what your interests are, such as book clubs, film making clubs, or travel clubs, etc. In this way you can expand your network and meet new people.

The exchange culture group - Photo Credit Ryan Resella ( Flickr)
The exchange culture group – Photo Credit Ryan Resella ( Flickr)

Do what ever you can do to make your abroad living a worthwhile experience.

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