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Four things that just make sense as an International student in Griffith College

Griffith College Flags at the Dublin Campus entrance

The art

If you love art like me then the campus is nothing short of it, there is very colourful sprinkles of art in every corner and it additionally helps that the art carries motivational messages that you might need to hear when the semester gets hard as you pursue your program. Additionally, the great display of art around the school has served as a great creative inspiration for me to explore my artistic side and will always brighten your days even on gloomy cloudy days as it is very inviting.

One of the art on Griffith College Dublin campus p.c Loisa Wakasa

Class size

There is a balanced size of students to teacher ratio as the classes are just the right size. Therefore, learning is enhanced as most of the students are able to have their questions answered. This also means that there is faster progress in growing through coursework materials and therefore leaving more time to address more difficult topics.

Ample Bicycle parking space  

According to Active me Ireland is perfect for cycling enthusiasts as it has nearly 80,000km of surfaced local county roads, which in many cases are perfect for cycling with few cars and great scenic views. Cycling in the city is an easy way to get around, it is also much more environmentally friendly, convenient and affordable than using public transport and it also helps that the College that you might be keen on has ample parking space for cyclists that is also safe.

Outside the Griffith College halls of residence p.c Loisa Wakasa


The Griffith College facilities include a library, student union common rooms, computer labs with state-of-the-art computers, CAD lab, photography lab, gym, recording studio, shop and restaurant. The college also provides career counseling services to students and it also has off-campus professional advisors who provide advice and guidance on personal and non-academic matters. The school libraries provide research and learning facilities for both undergraduate (and graduate) students, and the library maintains a pre-determined set of coursework and background material for all programs. All these have eased my graduate program experience by learning more about my field of interest Media Communication journalism as it also has allowed me to enjoy all the more living in Dublin as a whole.

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