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Four common myths that are believed to be facts

People are supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day . Photo Credit:Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I was recently reading and researching about facts that are myths and have normally been believed by people. I was very surprised at the results I found about some common myths that I believed were facts and thought it would be a very good idea to share with people. They include:

  1. Humans only use ten percent of their brain: Lots of people believe we only use 10 percent of our brain. This is totally false as examined by neurologist Barry Gordon. He states that humans practically use every part of their brain and our brain is functioning almost all the time. 
  2. People should drink eight glasses of water a day. I personally struggled with believing this and finding out it is a myth made me very happy. I also worried that I was not drinking the right amount of water daily as I didn’t think I could always adhere to that rule. Referencing research carried out by the Mayo Clinic showed that 666 the amount of water you drink a day is based on different factors like where you reside and your overall health to mention a few. People could be hydrated with fewer than eight glasses of water while others might need to drink more water.
  3. Your body takes seven years to digest gum: I also believed the myth about gum and its digestion in the body, so finding out it was false was a huge relief. Research by Mayo Clinic shows that our bodies cannot digest gum at all. We actually excrete it out.
  4. Individuals have to wait for 24hours before submitting a missing person’s report. Movies have helped make the myth of waiting 24hours  before reporting a missing persons case to the police more believable. Child Find of America states there is time span to reporting a missing persons report . An reporting a missing persons case 48hours is important to successfully locating a lost persons report.

5. Hyperactivity in children is caused by Sugar. I was a big believer of this myth using an example of my mum blaming my siblings and me hyper activeness on the level of sugary stuff we had taken. A 1995 meta-analysis presented research that the levels of sugar in children’s diet does not affect their behaviour.

Video Credit: The Infographics Show

This video talks about common myths that are believed to be facts.

Video Credit: The Inforgraphics Show Title: 10 Common Myths that are believed to be facts

This video talks about common myths that are believed to be facts.

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