Foster The People : Supermodel Album Review

Supermodel album cover, photo credit William Millet
Supermodel album cover, photo credit William Millet
Supermodel album cover, photo credit William Millet

3 years after Torches, Foster the People’s second album is finally out! This record offers the listeners an original atmosphere and a creative musical structure; the band did more than just produce another Torches, the trio went further and made an audacious and a ground breaking album.

“Are you what you want to be” is the perfect opening song as it immediately sets the mood of this second opus: original, melodic and energetic. The song has a dynamic rhythm in harmony with the sharp and pithy bass line.

As soon as you will discover the album, you’ll know straight away that you are listening to Foster the People; you will recognize Mark Foster’s mesmerizing voice, the mellow guitar riffs and the lively keyboards riffs; the opus delivers an interesting mixture of different musical genres such as rock, folk, pop, and electronic music.

The song “Pseudologia Fantastica” is the perfect example of how different musical genres can be mixed into one song: the song brings us soothing and captivating electric guitar riffs along with unobtrusive piano and electronic sounds.

Another interesting aspect of this album is the folk and pop vibe introduced in some of the songs; while the first album was more pop electronic music, Supermodel includes a number of songs with acoustic guitar such as “Fire escape”, “Nevermind”, or “Goats in Trees”. The verses of the opening song also reminds of Vampire Weekend’s musical style.

Overall this is a well-produced album and shows once again that the L.A based band has its place in the world of pop rock and electronic music.

Listen to Foster the people’s new single “Pseudologia Fantastica”:

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