Foster the People are back with a new single

Mayra F, Foster the People (Flickr)
Mark Foster
Mark Foster of Foster the People,Esplanade Park, 27/07/2011, Stusev (Flickr).

The L.A. band is back. 2014 will certainly be a promising year for Foster the People, as the trio led by the charismatic frontman Mark Foster, is releasing its second album Supermodel on March 18th.

3 years after the commercial success of their debut album, “Torches”, the band finally hit the studio again to deliver a second opus. The remarkable success in 2011 of hit songs “Pumped up Kicks”, “Helena Beat” and “Houdini” allowed the band to gain notoriety and a well-deserved recognition in the world of indie pop music.

On January 13th, Foster the People released“Coming of Age” their brand new debut single, with almost 2 million views in two weeks.

The single is enjoyable to listen to and is one of those “stuck in your head” songs. The perfect mix of slow, mellow, guitar riffs and soothing keyboard riffs, is in perfect harmony with Mark’s dynamic and spellbinding voice. The melody is an ingenious and perceptive mix of different musical influences that blends into indie pop, rock and electronic music.

The band is known for producing original and creative videos, and “Coming Age” music video is full of creativity and fits with the band’s atmosphere and the music they perform. The video is set in L.A. and features the painting of a gigantesque mural (148 ft x126 ft) designed by artist Young & Sick.

With Supermodel, it seems that Foster the People is taking a different musical direction. In the Rolling Stone magazine, Mark Foster expressed that “it’s not the record that people are gonna expect us to release second. It’s definitely an evolution for us, and it’s a more polarizing record for us, so I’m excited to see how it’s received, for better or worse.”

After a long awaited return, the band performed a free concert in L.A. on January 23rd, where the music video was set. Mark Foster ended up the concert with a speech and concluded with these words:  “We would like to invite you guys, to mark this night with us by putting your hand print on the wall” then to finally conclude by “as we represent our community and dedicate this mural to Los Angeles”.

The eagerly-awaited new opus will be in stores in March and is officially available for pre-order on iTunes and on the band’s website. Let’s hope the upcoming album add a new scope to their aspiring and quick-witted music.

Check out their new single:



  1. Foster the people just released an official video for “Coming of Age,” and it’s awesome! Make sure to check it out before the album drops on 3/18!

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