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For students, what is it with the inflation?

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The rising cost of living has brought with differing effects on different demographics, young and old, rich or poor, even babies are not left out as the cost of baby foods have also risen. But how has the inflation affected students, particularly international students whose income is limited by the regulations on work hours?

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For many students, the main pressing issues are around housing, transportation, electricity and gas prices. This has meant that many now have to ration their funds, such that they are able to have access to the more important things. Those who have scooters have had to use it over longer distances, and those who do not have it, bridge some distances on foot. Iti Mpataka who for the past one month does a 25 minute trek from Rialto tram stop to Griffith College, every school day has not particularly found it enjoyable.

“I do not have much alternatives. Usually, I would take a bus to school once I get down from the tram, but I now have to cut costs.” He said.

The remedy it appears, is not particularly known, however, a common sentiment nowadays is that further subsidies like the 90 minute journey recently introduced by the TFI can go a long way in helping students through these difficult times. This means that any movement done over a period of 90 minutes across different buses would run under the first charge. This, however, it appears has been limited to the buses, as the trains and trams still maintain the routine charges.

Introducing a similar measure across board could be a welcome development. Though it must be noted that with more subsidies, comes a rise in government spending and budget deficits. For international students in Ireland, it is tough times, but tough people last even longer.

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