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Fooling myself for April Fool’s Day

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With April Fool’s Days just around the corner be prepared to be made a fool out of, or maybe your planning something despicably wonderful on your housemates? Either way, one fool this year is yours truly…

In keeping with this hilarious tradition, I attempted to test a prank I discovered online with Coca Cola and Mentos using ice cubes and made more a fool out of myself. Check it out below and scroll down further to learn where April Fool’s Day comes from.


While you plot your great enterprise of fun and folly to entertain yourself and embarrass the people around you, your probably wondering why on earth such a day exists.

April Fool’s Day comes from an ancient tradition where people would run out onto the street naked making a fool of themselves and legally, its the only day in the year the police cant arrest you for public indecency. So what are you waiting for… Give it a go? It’s said to bring good fortune.

And if you believed that, well congratulations your my April Fool!

The History Channel explains it best but long story short it’s complicated and uncertain, just like most ancient traditions and seems to be influenced from a variety of traditions including the vernal equinox   or first day of spring when;

“Mother Nature fooled people with changing, unpredictable weather”

I guess its April Fools Day in Ireland every day then eh?

There is also a theory it originated from a Roman Festival “Hilaria” where people dressed up in disguises.

I have a theory then;

If April 1st is a day of disguises, when you look up the definition of “a Fool” it is another word for a professional Jestor who was paid by royalty in medieval times to dress up and act like a clown. If Romans dressed up like this on April 1st I can see how people would start calling it All Fools Day when so many people dress up like fools.

Today everyone from individuals to corporates has attempted to prank us all… In Ireland, the traditional prank involved a victim been given the task of delivering an “important letter” to be read to the recipient. Upon delivery, the victim would have to read it out aloud only to discover the letter contained nothing more than;

“Send the fool further”

Hope you enjoy the day… Don’t forget to share your April Fool’s Pranks (especially those that went wrong) in the comments below.


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