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Food and Culture, Our Happy Place

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel from Pexels

My people, the people of Uyo, are known for their proud cultural heritage and, above all, their food. Akwa Ibom is sometimes referred to as a monocultural state, with the same set of norms, taboos, rituals, and practices. While folkways differ from one ethnic group to the next, the organizational cultural norms are essentially the same in the state.

The state of Akwa Ibom is “highly” blessed in culinary history, as it is known for a mouth-watering range of traditional cuisines. Vegetables, fish, and domestic animals are some of the commodities that dominate their typical diets since the state is located in a tropical rainforest environment.

Here are some dishes to try if you ever visit my home: Edikang Ikong, Afang, Ekpang Nkukwo, Abak, Afere Ikon, Otong Afere Atike, Anyan Ekpang, and Pepper Soup with white rice, Abak Atama, Banga, Afia Efere, Fisherman soup, Ogbono soup, Bitter leave soup and a host of others.

In the meantime, seeing we are in a pandemic and eating out or travelling might not be part of our plans in the nearest future, why not join our Instagram page comment, like and tag pictures using the hashtag #LocalCuisine #UyoFood and be a part of our community. Who knows you might also learn a thing or two or even pick up the know-how on how to prepare some of the meals you will be getting familiarized with.

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