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Follow the Vikings

Actors by Follow The Vikings

“Valhalla is here. So drink fine mead and give no cheer to valkyries like those who came before, you may feel the call you see there´s more to life than to scrawl”

Odin by Follow The Vikings
Odin by Follow The Vikings

Fire, fighting and howling are some of the words that describe the live performance from the Follow The Vikings sow yesterday at the historic amphitheatre of Dublinia. The audience was fascinated with the characters costumes, dancing and singing, and most of all with the visual projection.

Actors by Follow The Vikings
Actors by Follow The Vikings

Follow The Vikings Roadshow is a contemporary portrayal of warrior poet Egill Skallagrimsso´s life, combining his story with Viking mythology to shine a light on the important aspects of Viking Culture.

Performance by Follow The Vikings
Performance by Follow The Vikings

Craig Morrison, the creative director of Follow The Vikings Roadshow, has commissioned several contemporary artists from all over Europe including actors, musicians dancers and filmmakers to create a visual celebration of Viking heritage.

The live performances take place in 12 different locations around Europe and Ireland is one of them, being Waterford and Dublin a temporary home to some of the artists who travel with the show and to local artists as; dancers, drummers, poets or designers who are involved with their community.

Dancers by Follow The Viking
Dancers by Follow The Viking

The Follow the Vikings project will aim to make the transactional Viking heritage accessible and understandable to a worldwide audience. One of the main goals of the Follow the Vikings project is knowledge sharing.

The project has 15 partners from all the Viking world; Norway, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, Finland and from Ireland; Waterford Treasures and Dublinia. These partners are also members of the Destination Viking Association.

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The Dublinia live performance had such amazingly talented artists full of energy and passion for the Vikings characters. Closing the show with the help of the audience doing a Viking thunder-clap.

The 2018 roadshows continue on the 2nd of April at the Waterford Apple Market and then headed to other Viking routes such as Spain on the 2nd and 3rd of August and Stockholm on the 30th. Hopefully, they will come back to Dublin on 2019.

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