FoI in Europe: Let’s find a new unique market of Information.

Yesterday, European Parliament held a Public Hearing “Towards a European Freedom of Information Act.” The non-legislative resolution was adopted to prevent journalists from political and economic pressures. European Union wants to have a harmonized Freedom protected by the entire members. A rich project would raise the generals’ policies by tending to a homogeneous sector.


The Civil Liberties Committee proposes a monitoring of the media laws yearly. Due to a report, the European Commission, the Fundamental Rights Agency and/or the European University Institute, Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom should make sure of the interactions between governments and media.

European Union’s transparency
This resolution tends to create a unique frame for the entire European journalists. “The establishment, by the media sector, of an independent media regulatory authority” would be able to monitor through the Europe the Freedom of Information. All Medias must have to be clear with its property and direction. Moreover, the market of the Freedom would be open to let new entrance.

Be free, protected and Ethic
Journalists have to be free and independent “from the internal pressures of publishers or owners and the external ones of political or economic lobbies.” As well, the Committee reminds on the “crucial” property of “editorial charters or codes of conduct” and would like to create funds for Public media. A will, that is hardly difficult to set up. One depends on journalists themselves, the other on public funds which are already difficult to have.

eu parliament building

Raise the Freedom
The Commission would also “do a study on the effects of the crisis and job precariousness in the journalistic community with a view to analyzing and trying to remedy their consequences for media freedom and pluralism.” Finally, the EU members are urged “to support investigative journalism, as it monitors democracy and uncovers criminal offences.”

To sum-up, this non-legislative resolution sounds to be a great idea. But, indeed, this bet won’t be as simple as it seems to be to organize. European Union’s Spirit wants to exist but even in a smaller ladder, countries can’t find an efficient scheme. The Freedom’s War of Information is an old problem. This lifestyle is most wanted than respected.

What do you think about the Freedom of Information in your country?

Do you think it is possible to reach an European model?


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