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FLYEFIT Games 2019

For the third year in a row, Flyefit is hosting their annual FLYEFIT Games. What started out as the hunt for Mr Flye & Miss Flye have now evolved and become the FLYEFIT GAMES.

First Flyefit Games 2016 : Video Courtesy Flyefit

On the hunt for Flyefit’s fittest member, the games are organised to challenged participants to their maximum potential. Having to complete a course as fast as possible, this challenges the contestant’s physical strength, endurance and their mental strength to keep pushing when they are at the peak of their strength/capabilities.

The games kicked off on the 13th of April at their FLYEFIT Swords gym. Before the finals on there will be five heats which will take place in order to identify the top 12 male and top 12 female from each heat who will carry on into the finals where they will face off against each other for the title as FLYEFIT’S fittest member. With heat 5 just completed on the 21st of April 2019 – only one more heat is left before they go into the finals which will take place on the 18th of May 2019 at their Tallaght Gym.

Flyefit Heats Schedule – Photo courtesy Flyefit

Just like the most competitions, there will be prizes for the winners of the competition. The prizes that are up for grabs are most definitely appealing to any gym rat.

1st Prize Male & Female –      1x Flyefit annual roaming membership

                                                € 500 Optimum Nutrition Voucher

                                                   € 500 Sunway Holiday Voucher Cash

                                                 Hit Fitness Gym Equipment Package (Worth€250)

                                                  € 250 Body first Nutrition Voucher

2nd Prize Male & Female –        1x Flyefit Annual Roaming Membership

                                                  € 300 Optimum Nutrition Voucher

3rd Prize Male & Female –       1x Flyefit Annual Roaming Membership

                                                  € 200 Optimum Nutrition Voucher

Picture Courtesy – Flyefit

The games so far have been nothing but exciting with over 250 members who signed up and the atmosphere at the games are always just intense and energetic. Here are some highlights from the games so far.

If you have no plans on the 27th of April and on the 18th of May be sure to head down to Flyefit to support and watch the Flyefit games. For more info do visit Flyefit’s Website or Instagram.

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