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Five ways you can move on after a breakup

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Being in a relationship can be such a beautiful thing especially with someone who gets you, understands your silly jokes, loves the things you hate the most about yourself and supports you no matter what. Which can make one feel like he/she has finally hit the jackpot! in this love thing.

Amid the connection you both shared in a relationship, a lot of things happen in between that makes courtship not to pass the test of time. The more you get to know a person, you get to realize how incompatible or compatible you both are.

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Moving on from a breakup can be very difficult especially when you have invested so much time, energy,  shared yourself and vulnerability with that special someone only for it to come to an end. It feels like someone you loved died, and your heart has been ripped off your chest, something you have looked after for a while with so much love all gone, believe me, its a rollercoaster of emotions, some days you feel good some days you don’t.

Below is a podcast on how to move on from a breakup, guiding you on practical steps to take to get you on your feet and living your best life once again.

Relationships these days have become more complicated than it was in the ’80s. This could be because of the social media age, lack of communication, trust, different expectations, cheating, couples on different life paths, the relationship stops growing, betrayal, one partner falls out of love and many more reasons.

Breakups really hurt and is a period of grieving, its a change of routines you once had with someone, talking to them every night, hanging out overnight or on the weekends, venting about your day and sharing amazing news and experiences. It can also cause you to question yourself: what is the problem with me? why am I unlovable? why does this keep happening to me? why am I bad at love? why do  I keep meeting the wrong people, am I the problem? It is indeed a sad thing to go through.

It’s an invincible wound that requires time, patience and self-love in order to scale through. It’s important not to run away from your feelings of hurt but believing it’s one deep cut that heals with time.



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