Five reasons why women cheat…
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Women are more in tune with their emotions than men. Long before the 21st century, women have been aware that men cheat and this is one aspect of life that is inevitable. However, in the 21st Century, women are more assertive and in tune with their environment. Women now enjoy the same level of freedom as men do and they have the freedom to express themselves in any way that they see fit especially in a relationship. Statistically it is understood that women cheat for emotional intimacy on the other hand, men cheat for physical pleasure. So if you suspect your girlfriend or partner cheating on you, these are five reasons out of many why.

Her Self Esteem.

Words carry weight and go a very long way. Women love to talk and love it when a man can express his feelings through his words and actions. Women want to be told they look beautiful even in their worsts moments. But if a woman were constantly subjected to insults and abuses, this would cause her to seek emotional validation from someone else who is in sync with her feelings and places her on pedestal.
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Women tend to feel some form of betrayal when they are cheated on. It is very hard for her to forgive and especially forget. Through this pain, she may decide to pay back wanting you to feel the hurt and pain she felt. This doesn’t solve anything rather reach out to her and work towards getting back into her good graces. This can make for a more passionate relationship.

Terrible Sex.

If the sex sucks its either two things, first there is no communication and secondly the guy is terrible. Women love real orgasms and this is a sign that a man can physically and also emotionally express himself. Communication is key. It is good for the guy and girl to discuss their sexual needs and fantasies and this can build for a more exciting relationship.


Every relationship in the beginning has a special bubble. Women love that beginning spark and once that spark dies, women tend to miss that bubble and if the spark cannot be ignited, it gives her a reason to look outside. Women love to live in the moment with their partner. When the getting to know each other phase has expired and there is nothing more to talk about, women love guys who are spontaneous. This is a reason for a woman not to cheat.

She’s Financially Independent.

Gone are the good old days were women depend on men for daily survival. Women now occupy managerial positions is most organizations. Women do not need the presence of a man in order to raise a family. If a woman is financially independent, she has the guts to walk out of any relationship especially is she feels she is being taken for granted. The feeling of financial prowess is a reason for a woman to cheat on you.

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