Five reasons why men should have a Yankee Candle in the bedroom

Candle rainbow
Candle rainbow - Credit: Katy Warner

Ladies love candles. Fact. So this piece is for the lads. Hear me out. I was the exact same as you currently skeptical individuals when I first heard the absurd notion of having a candle in the bedroom, or any room for that matter. It seemed needless, pointless, unnecessary. Then I got a Yankee Candle as a Christmas present and it changed my life!

Women love candles
Women love candles! Credit: Colin Terry

OK, potentially a bit dramatic but they smell fantastic. Unfortunately there’s no way of inserting a scent into a webpage as of yet. Instead, here’s five reasons why you should have a Yankee candle in the bedroom:

1. Smell

As previously mentioned, these candles smell superb. You can almost taste the scent in your room once it’s been lighting for a while. Plus, you’ll look madly romantic if you ever have a girl back after a night out and you still possess the coordination to light a match. She’ll never know you’re just trying to mask the smell of that garlic and cheese chip you were dying for on the way home. Be careful though, an unobserved candle is not the manner in which you want to burn down the house!

Just a few of the many scents
Just a few of the many scents – Credit: anax44

2. Lasting power

No, unfortunately Yankee Candles don’t have magical powers and won’t increase your stamina. They do last for ages themselves though and they won’t put a big dent in your budget. You’ll quickly be wondering how you ever lived without one.

They last for ages!
This one’s been burning since 2012 – Credit: Greg Nelson

3. Odour removal

If you’re anything like me, the bedroom doubles as a storage facility. Runners, dirty washing, gearbags, the list is endless. These things can create unpleasant odours and opening the window in Ireland might lead to you getting frostbit at times. The Yankee Candle solves this problem and will have your room smelling excellent in no time. Think of your room as an armpit  and the candle as Lynx.

If you make this face on entering you room, a Yankee is a must
If you make this face on entering your room, a Yankee is a must – Credit: Brian Fitzgerald

4.  Relaxation

After a tough day at work or college, coming home and lighting your Yankee candle can help to you to unwind. The aromas of the candles are quite relaxing and could quite possibly be the second best form of de-stressing while alone in your room. Come to mention it, that’s another odour the candle could help with erasing.

Candles can help you unwind
Candles can help you unwind – Credit: ankakay

5. Presents

Refer to my first sentence. They absolutely love them! Women think Yankee Candles are the best thing since the sliced pan, and they might just be right. If you’re ever stuck on Christmas Eve or before a birthday for a present for any of the women in your life, Yankee’s are a great solution.

Candles make great presents
Candles make great presents – Credit: Melissa Ardet

For men living with a woman, they can help you get through those difficult times during the month. If that’s not enough to convince you, they even have a candle that smells of freshly poured draft beer. What could be manlier?

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