Six Reasons for Irish Students to Visit Malaysia this Winter

Kuala Lumpur overview by Kavitha Manimaharan
Kuala Lumpur overview by Kavitha Manimaharan
Kuala Lumpur overview by Kavitha Manimaharan
Kuala Lumpur overview by Kavitha Manimaharan

It is winter now, the weather is getting colder and colder and college break is going to start soon. Does all that make you feel to just leave Ireland for a couple of days or weeks and go a vacation to somewhere that is just warm and fun with your friends, family or on your own ? If so, then Malaysia is the right spot for you.

With more than 30 million inhabitants, Malaysia is the fastest growing travel destination in Asia with more than 25 million visitors each year. The most visited city in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur which is also the capital of the country. There are 800 islands in Malaysia and more than 150 languages are spoken in Malaysia every day!. There is more than 150 ethnic group in Malaysia  where  three major ethnic groups are Malay, Chinese and Indian.

More than 25 million people  from all over world visit Malaysia every year and in fact, it is third most visited country in the whole of Asia! So, what makes Malaysia the best place to visit in winter, well there are thousands of  reasons to why you should visit Malaysia but the list is narrowed to five of the top reason to why you should pack your bags now and fly to Malaysia now.

1.It’s incredibly cheap

Malaysian money by Kavitha Manimaharan
Malaysian money by Kavitha Manimaharan

The currency of Malaysia is called ringgit and the conversion rate between ringgit and euro value is very high where 1 euro is equivalent to 4.83 ringgit  and that means you can get a lot of money if you convert euro to ringgit. In general, things especially food is really cheap in Malaysia where with just a euro you can eat a meal. That’s right, so for one euro you can eat a good and filling meal and with just 4 euros you can get a better meal in any fancy restaurants and cafes. Also, the public transports in Malaysia are really cheap and for students, there are special discounts. Even the entrances fee to the tourist attractions are relatively cheap and most of it are free for students!

2 . It’s a food paradise

Local Malaysian food by Kavitha Manimaharan
Local Malaysian dishes by Kavitha Manimaharan

Malaysia is the ultimate place for foodies.  From cheap hawker style food to sky dining, Malaysia has it all. Malaysian local dishes has the most authentic Asian flavors and being a multiracial country Malaysia offers varieties of foods which reflect the diversity of the people. In recent times, there are lots are cafes, bistros and bars especially in Kuala Lumpur making it the best spot for young people to hang out and chill. The cafes and bars are really cool and each has its own individuality. So, whether you are looking for a perfect spot for a night out or just comfy place to relax Malaysia has it all!

3.A land of diversity

Batu Caves, hindu temple in Malaysia by Kavitha Manimaharan
Batu Caves, Hindu temple in Malaysia by Kavitha Manimaharan

Malaysia is a cultural hub, no doubt. You can see most of Asia and its history and culture in Malaysia. Though, Malaysia is a very modern but it never let go of its legacy and past and that’s what makes the country so unique. You can see lots of mosques, temple, churches and museums along with the tall skyscrapers. The country is a blend of modern and old with a perfect synchronization. There is the wild, young and vibrant side of Malaysia along with the cultural and  holistic side, whether both sides will leave you breathless and speechless.

4. Awesome people and safe

Malaysian Chinese lady with pigeons by Kavitha Manimaharan
Malaysian Chinese lady with pigeons by Kavitha Manimaharan

What makes Malaysia so special is the unity of the people.  A place of many cultures and beliefs but everyone lives in peace and harmony with lots of respect, tolerance, and admiration for each other. The people are the heart and soul of the nation and the unity is what runs the country. Malaysia and Malaysians are generally safe at all times. It is the safest country in the whole South East Asia region and also the safest Muslim country  in the world. Malaysians are genuinely happy and nice and are always ready to help if you are lost or looking for something. On top of that, English is widely spoken in Malaysia so mostly everybody can speak English fluently so you never have to worry about getting lost in language and direction.

5.Home to amazing beaches

beach in Malaysia by Kavitha Manimaharan
Beach in Malaysia by Kavitha Manimaharan

Malaysia is really known for its beaches and you can find a lot of breathtaking spots to just chill and enjoy sunsets and sunrise, you will not be disappointed .  The beaches in Malaysia are beautifully filled with stunning coral reefs and ideal for snorkeling as the water is clean and clear. Plus, there is also a lot of water sport and activities for the adrenaline junkies. If you are lucky, you get to see sea turtles as Malaysia is one of their favorite spot for nesting. Like mention earlier, the weather in Malaysia is always sunny and warm so you can go the beach at any time. Along, the beach you can also get amazing and fresh seafood.

6. Ultimate getaway for shoppers

Petronas Twin Towers, shopping mall in Malaysia
Petronas Twin Towers, shopping mall in Malaysia

From posh brands to locally made batik everything is in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is home to three of the biggest malls in the world. The malls in Malaysia are so big that you cannot see the whole thing in a day. Within the malls itself, there are amusement parks, carnivals and music festivals going on all the time making it lively always. Also,being the center of trade, Malaysia has attracted investors from across the world therefore, you can find literally anything in Malaysia and it is also tax-free which means it is cheaper than the rest of the world!

So, visit Malaysia now and you will experience the culture, diversity, and fun like nowhere else.


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