Five tasty, affordable places to eat in Dublin

Ha'penny bridge, Dublin. Photo credit: Brendan O'Donohue
Ha’penny bridge, Dublin. Photo credit: Brendan O’Donohue

With the increasing number of restaurants, brasseries and eateries popping up around Dublin, it can be tricky to get a meal that is both tasty and affordable for those times when you are heading out with your friends, going on a date or on the way home from a late night session in the library. The Circular takes a look at some great options for those times. Here are the 5 best affordable places to eat in Dublin city center:

1. WoW Burgers

Wow Burgers, Wicklow street. Photo Credit: Brendan O’Donohue

Hidden away at the back in The Workman’s on Wellington Quay and at the back of Mary’s pub on Wicklow street, these burgers are some of the tastiest you will be served in the city center.

2. Diwali

Diwali, George’s street. Photo Credit: Brendan O’Donohue

Located on George’s street, this Nepalese and Indian restaurant offers rich, tasty dishes from the Indian subcontinent. Best offers – as always- are on the Early Bird menu. You will be doing well to clean the plate.

3. The Lotts Cafe Bar

The Lotts, Liffey street. Photo Credit: Brendan O’Donohue

A stone’s throw away from the Ha’penny bridge on the northside, Lotts offers 2 steaks on the stone and a bottle of wine for €35. The offer is from Sunday to Wednesday. The Liffey street eatery is adjacent to the charming pub entitled the “smallest bar in Dublin”- if you fancy one or three after your meal.

4. Mongolian Barbecue

Mongolian Barbeque, Temple Bar. Photo Credit: Brendan O’Donohue

This once secret gem is fast becoming a lunch favorite  in the heart of Temple Bar. A pick n mix of noodles, rice, sauces and various meats are cooked before your eyes and ready in under 5 minutes. Pack as much, or as little as you can, into the bowls – all for €6.90.

At very affordable prices, this restaurant serves up wholesome healthy and filling food…get there off peak if you can as it gets very busy- especially at lunch time.

5. Star Pizza

Star Pizza, Talbot street. Photo Credit: Brendan O’Donohue

Located on Talbot street near Connolly station, this pizza shop offers fantastic value for money. The food is unhealthy, fattening,  full of gluten…and delicious. This traditional takeaway’s most popular meal deal of a pizza, chips, can of fizzy drink and sauce comes in at just €5.  They also deliver if you can’t – or won’t – leave the house.


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