Five Gardens to visit in Ireland

flower beds in farmleigh
Main herbaceous border in Farmleigh House - Photo Credit David Corscadden

Ireland boasts countless fantastic gardens and parks to visit around the country. Thanks to our strong horticulture industry and passion for plants and garden design we compete very well again other countries when it comes to gardens.

For such a small country we have a lot to offer in terms of gardens and garden design here in Ireland. We have a great deal of world renowned gardens to offer visitors. Below are five gardens people should visit this year.

Powerscourt Estate

gardens at powerscourt
Italian Gardens at Powerscourt – Photo Credit David Corscadden

Powerscourt has to be Ireland best garden in terms of plants and garden history. It was recently voted the third best garden in the world by National Geographic Magazine. The garden offers a number of different style gardens and a wide selection of plants many of which were collected hundreds of years ago. A key area of the garden which will provide a lot of interest this autumn will be the Japanese garden which will be awash with fiery hues come late September thanks to the large collection of Japanese maples there.

June Blakes Garden

flower beds
June’s garden is full of rich firery coloured flowers – Image Credit David Corscadden

June Blake is one of Ireland’s best plant people and her garden is true plant lover’s paradise. Her garden which she has developed over a number of years offers some fantastic planting combinations which would be very easy to take home and recreate in anyone’s back garden. The best feature of June’s garden is her hot beds which are full of bright orange, yellow and red flowers. These borders have fantastic impact on the overall garden and  contrast perfectly against the surrounding green countryside and large stone buildings which back on to the flowerbeds.

Farmleigh House

flower beds in farmleigh
Main herbaceous border in Farmleigh House – Photo Credit David Corscadden

While many people will have heard of Farmleigh House when there is a state visit to Ireland not many people know that you can actually visit the estate in the Phoenix Park and walk around it’s fantastic gardens. One of the best aspects of these gardens is the walled garden which is broken up into different compartments with subtly different planting schemes in each of them. The plants and overall history and design of the area makes it a must visit during mid-summer.

Huntingbrook Gardens

flower beds
The vibrant colours of HuntingBrook Gardens – Image Credit David Corscadden

Huntingbrook Gardens was designed by Jimi Blake who is the brother to June Blake and is actually located only a short distance down the road from June’s garden. Jimi’s garden is very different however. It is much more organic in terms of planting and tends to chuck planting combinations out the window to create a mirage of different plants and colours which overload the senses. It somehow manages to work and create a patchwork quilt effect of panting. While the overall design may not work for everyone there are definitely plants within its borders which could work in many Irish gardens. Jimi is also a great source of information on plants and is well worth talking to if you meet him in garden.

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