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Top must-have apps for mobile photography

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


This is a photo editor mobile application featuring image editing tools, colour correction, creative presets and in addition, a camera with auto and professional modes.

An interesting aspect of the application is that it can edit RAW. pictures and it doesn’t export pictures in a pixelated or inferior quality. If subscribed to the premium version, the user has access to support for the latest cameras and lenses found in the Adobe camera raw.

It is available on Android and Apple app store.

Adobe photoshop express

This is majorly a mobile version of the most popular desktop image manipulation software, that is photoshop. It retains the adjustment features, skin clearing and lighting corrections. Adobe photoshop express as the name implies is a one-touch editing for fast editing, composition and creating collages


VSCO is a hue, saturation and luminance preset based app with numerous options to choose from, it also has its social media platform for uploading pictures which can equally function as a professional portfolio. This software also features a film editing tool if subscribed for a premium membership at an amount of thirty euros for a year.

For the users, the product of using the software has become a culture that has caused creative friendships, collaboration and has attracted a higher fan base.


Initially created by Nik Software and now owned by Google. Snapseed best features includes selective actions, tonal contrast, Lens blur, Double exposure and portrait automatic editing. This software has been refined since its creation in 2011 and has been updated well enough to win the iPad App of the Year 2011 by Apple and named one of the Top 100 Best Android App of 2018 by PC Magazine.


Cymeria is a beauty app, very useful and handy to make up artist for auto skin clearing, enhancing looks, clearing blemishes with an optimized selfie camera. it also has numerous options for collage designs.

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