Fingal County Council commences house inspections

Fingal County Council logo. Picture credit: Fingal county YouTube.

After issuing letters to the houses to request suitable times for inspections, Fingal County Council has commenced inspections the houses under it fully. This county is popular for its concern on how well and comfortable the dwellers live, by ensuring that the houses meet the minimum requirements of Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2017.

The main purpose of this inspection is to ensure that landlords adhere to their responsibilities of carrying out regular repairs and maintenances of the building they rent out to tenants. This is in a bid to ensure that tenants live comfortably, and also live a healthy life

According to the minimum requirements of Fingal County; each house must be free from damp and also be in good structural repair, the tenants must be able to enjoy hot and cold water in the house, there must be good ventilation and heating must be adequate, fire prevention gadgets must be provided in the house, all appliances should be in good working condition, tenants must also be provided with access to refuse storage facilities among others.

Fingal County Council made it a responsibility for the tenants in any given facility to take care of the facility and report any issue where repairs are supposed to be carried out in the building to the landlord as soon as it is discovered.

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