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Finding love online, as people have come to realize is downright cute. It is not a taboo, it is 100 percent as romantic as a real-life meeting of a love partner. A stigma still persists that meeting in real life is more ideal even though a study by researchers at Stanford University shows that 39% of straight couples and 60% of same-sex couples now meet through online dating platforms. This declared number of online couples is generally believed to be less than the actual figure due to the online dating stigma, which tends to make couples lie about meeting their significant half on dating sites.

A survey carried out by Linda Ikeji showed that about 30% of the participants confirm that they have lied about meeting their partners online. Just like finding love in real-life, finding love online can be heartbreaking, time-wasting and filled with an unexpected twist of events.

There are a lot of negative stories and unsuccessful attempts at finding love online, notwithstanding there are also thousands of successful stories of finding love online. Loads of sites offer a great platform in meeting people, those that find the websites too cumbersome have turned to use proper dating apps which can be easily and readily accessed like tinder, bumble that allows people to swipe left and right on potential dates.

A lot of young people made it clear that finding love online is not very comfortable for them and that they fear the possibilities of getting cat-fished.

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Here’s a video getting people’s opinions about finding love online:

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