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Filmmakers, It’s time to connect

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

It takes a community to create a good film, you would understand this if you have ever been stuck with just a great idea with no adequate tool, without knowledge of where to shoot, who to shoot or even when to shoot. As filmmakers, we need helping hands and minds of those we share similar passion with- it is time to connect with each other It’s that time to create!

Whether you are a tourist or a resident, Ireland is a beautiful country to shoot in. Did you know that one of the most photographed landmarks on the Game of Thrones Map is a hidden road on the way to Bushmills? Ireland is definitely a grand visual resource to explore and this new community is the first step to scout and shoot together.

This community will be a platform that includes writers, actors, cinematographers, photographers, editors and graphic designers open for paid and unpaid collaborations, brainstorming session, equipment rentals and of course, it would help to distribute the individual and group contents produced.

Don’t be stuck on your next film idea, filming is possible with this platform. All you need do is follow to connect!
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