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Film Camera Recommend for beginners

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

While digital photography gives us instant outcomes and the convenience to take a photograph, it hasn’t made past techniques obsolete. More photographers are putting down their smartphones or DSLR cameras in favor of shooting the old-fashioned way.

Film Camera has many attractive points to make you fall in love with the analog vibe. First, you are not able to check outcomes after you shoot and it makes your attitude to be more considerate before you shoot. Second, each film has a different color and each film camera has a different mood. There are various options for analog films and each film has different color and mood also each film camera has its own technical system so outcomes are all different depends on the camera that you choose. Lastly, most of the film cameras are manual so that you can choose any kind of setting that you’d like to go for and give you the opportunity to make various shots.

The film camera that I’d like to recommend today is Yashica T2.

Yashika T2, 2021, Photo by Saenal Lee, Edit by Saenal Lee

Yashika launched the T series and they made a partnership with Carl Zeiss lenses so this became one of the strengths of the T series camera. T3 model is well-known that Ryan McGinley uses this camera for his works and it was the reason that I made a purchase of this camera too.

T2 is an entirely automatic camera with programmed auto-exposure and auto-focus. It is super easy to take a photo with this camera. Just press the shutter, and the camera automatically detects ISO between 50 and 1600. To make an object in the focus, you just push the shutter halfway. 1-meter distance is minimum focusing distance so that it won’t be appropriate for close shots and detailed photographs.

So, here is some of my works with Yashika T2, I use this camera when i go on a trip always.

If you wish to know further review and information of the camera, I’d like to recommend the video below. The video has honest opnion on the camera and it is the video that I have watched before I purchased mine too.

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