The null subject of cinema: Nature

A person who is always aware of his own inevitable end has no other option than to live his/her life like a movie. even if the end of this film is obvious from the very beginning…

The constantly working brain can divide its cavity into small clusters, and it can also lead to the sequencing of this film. As we know, tv series, unlike movies, offer many different endings per episode before the final ending.

TV series; Although it may seem like a source that can always meet the needs of the human being, it does not have the power to create the discharge effect created by a film.

It is an indisputable fact that nature and the natural have a great influence on the process of creating the creative identity of the soul. But, how this inclusive and ever-expanding nature is positioned alongside the protagonist in today’s popular cinema?

The Matrix, Watchowskis (1999)

The Matrix is ​​a powerful and rare allegorical masterpiece, blended with multiple myths, stories and religious teachings. So in short, to make a large-scale analysis of this film one should have a very serious knowledge of philosophy and religious history.

We all know the world in which Mr.Anderson lives because it is very, very similar to the world we live in: a mechanized world of fear.

The only green that we can see through the film is the computer green, which might be an indication of the intolerance of mechanization against nature. Think about it; While the real world is already devastated, people serve as RAMs attached to the cable. In the virtual reality imposed on them, only the computer green dominates.

However, there is a character in the film, things change when she’s around. In her scenes, we see colours, flowers, trees we were not used to.

The Matrix(1999)

Yes, this character is the oracle. From the moment we enter her kitchen, we see flowers, floral patterns, green wallpaper. We might call her a program that contains all the data of nature. She might be Gaia or Terra or what we call the mother nature.

It would be very consistent, or even inevitable, that such coding would be one step ahead of all the programs in the Matrix. 😀

Two years after The Matrix, Vanilla Sky was released. The screenshots you see above directly reveal the great resemblance between the two films.

The same thing happens on these two separate scenes. both protagonists are ordered to be awakened by a stimulus coming from the outside. At this point, we understand that these two characters are in a fish glass and they need to be mentally awakened in order to reach the truth.

In addition to having a more dynamic hero, the atmosphere in Vanilla Sky gives the impression of a picture that looks too beautiful to be true. It is actually based on the impressionist painter Claude Monet’s painting of the same name.

While the Matrix has a futuristic, mechanized universe, Vanilla sky offers a vibrant, aesthetic and beautiful environment.

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