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Fighting through words, and with animals

Will cats dominate the world? Credits: Pixabay

With little to no idea in mind, I decided to start a podcast called Let’s Fight – where people would debate random topics, and where I play the role of quite a grumpy animator, always looking to argue with my guests.

On this week’s episode, I meet ex-agronomy student Thomas, and we talk about animals. What animals seem scary, how to live with them and we explore the theory of a dystopia where geese take control of the world and feed humans instead of the other way around.

I lived with animals for most of my life, as my mother can’t survive without them. To this day, we had two cats and one rabbit. My father, on the other hand, suffers from a severe allergy to cat hair and did not end up getting the dog he promised my sister when we got a house. I think my mom’s fascination for animals originates from her own mother. For thirty years, my grandparents took care of two cats during exactly the same time, fifteen years each.

We found ourselves with a cat on our hands for the first time when my grandmother refused to accept the cat my mother offered her for one of her birthdays. She was already sick at the time, and I think another cat felt like too much of a responsibility for her.

Nevertheless, animals are fascinating in the way that most of them follow their instincts and live according to themselves. They are precious partners to humans and we should always treat them with the respect they deserve in that regard.

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