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Fifteen year old Students in business

Six years of intense thinking has produced the best business ideas at the annual Business Enterprise Competition .This competition has seen successful business opportunities for young ones in the past and this year it was no different.

Business Enterprise Day

The best business idea to come out of this competition is “For New Health” which is now exporting its product in seven different countries.The business idea aimed at helping animals particularly horses,camels and donkeys from a fatal disease such as Colic was created by two teenagers Annie and Katie Maiden .

Another great idea  was ‘Rock Protection’ which was produced in this business.It is a protection in clothing that protects sport people to be injured further.

Presentations underway

This year teams of four came to compete at Griffith College and  some of the students who showcased their staff included  the Fridge Magnet presented by Ben Hendrick who came up with the idea.When speaking to the circular Mr Hendrick highlighted that the aim for the business is to help kids who are shy to speak to pin their messaged on the fridge to communicate to their parents.

Ready to deliver his idea

A  group of students from Dun Laoghaire also presented their idea of Dun Laoghaire hotspot game.The game is said to be educational and can be played in English and Irish.The purpose is to buy tourists sports in Ireland.

The Hotspots from Dun Laoghaire
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