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Femicides in Mexico increase 121%, Mexican publication “El Economista” reports

Photo by Nohk from Pexels

Debanhi Escobar is part of the statistic

The case of Debanhi Escobar has drawn attention to the insecurity crisis in Mexico, especially violence against women.

Debanhi Escobar went missing on the 9th of April under unclear circumstances. A couple of friends reported they went together to a party, however they did not come back together, instead, they ordered a taxi for the victim. Friends of Debanhi said the driver was a man they know and trust.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Debanhi got off the taxi only after a few minutes after she started her journey home, the reasons are still unclear. However,  Mario Escobar, father of the victim says he believes the only reason to get off a taxi in the middle on the night in the motorway would be that she felt in danger inside the vehicle, therefore he bielieves she might had been harassed by the driver.

The victim was missing for two weeks, before her body was found very close to the area where she went missing, an area that authorities have searched at least four times before without finding her earlier. Debanhi earlier. The area was also inspected by search dogs, family members and friends also helpd inspecting the surroundings without finding any traces of debanhi, which left many questions unanswered about the case. Her father has suggested that her body has been planted.

When her body was found, authorities denied it was a feminicide or that Debanhi suffered sexual abuse, instead they declared it was an accident, and that she felt into the tank where she was found. After a second autopsy made by a private service hired by Escobedo, it was declared that her body showed evidence of rape and murder.

This case not only exposed the deficiency of Mexican authorities, but a whole crisis. During the search for Debhani, another 5 female bodies were found.

Photo by Renato Danyi from Pexels

According to the National Public Security System, there has been an increase of 121% of femicides in Mexico from 2015 to 2021, reported El Economista.

Infographic by Lizeth Amaya, for The Circular

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