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Female underwears turns money machine

About 13.41% of Nigerian youths are unemployed according to 2017 statistics, this problem is seriously taking its tolls on the youths and all other ramifications of the country. Many Nigerian youths have ended-up frustrated, way out of poverty seems to be difficult to find. In a bid to suppress hardship, suffering and oppression by the rich ones, substantial number of youths have been engaging in internet fraud and other forms of online scam popularly known as ‘yahoo business.’

This trend basically centred around pretence to be who they are not, just to defraud rich ones they encounter online that turn to fall as their prey. The way it is today, a lot has changed as unemployment deepens, greediness and laziness among the Nigerian youths are unquantifiable.

In recent years, they have taken the Yahoo business to another dimension through the addition of diabolical means to request money from their victims, in which they will be left with no choice but to concur and grant their request.

From the way it appears in these present days, those old tricks seem to have been busted or out of vogue, it has gotten to the stage where human beings are now been used for rituals in exchange for riches which is basically temporal, renewals will need to be done on a timely basis to sustain the riches, failure to do this will result in either madness or death.

Used female pants are now the hot source of this evil money. These ‘lazy youths’ are now stealing female pants for rituals, the person whose pant is used for the ritual will either die or remain alive but remains unfortunate for the rest of her life.

Pants stealing has become a trending phenomenon in the country, so many female folks have lost their lives, while some are dealing with strange ailments.

According to reports on vanguard news, these ritualists are now paying a token amount to some people to help them in stealing pants in female hostels and other places where ladies reside.  

These fraudsters-turned-ritualists are known to live flamboyant lives. They ride expensive and latest Benz, live in luxurious houses, display and spend money extravagantly in clubs and hotels. Efforts of the law enforcement agents to curb them have remained futile as this evil continues to spread.

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