What about our favourite video game The Sims?!

Who remember this game of life simulation?! Even if we not heard about it like in the past, The Sims  is still on stage. Immediate reaction:

Marie, 22 years old, “When I was younger I was a big fan of Sims the computer game. I found it fun as you create your own people and design their houses. I played it for about 5 years on a regular base.”

Charlotte, 27 years old, “I still play to this game, I like create amazing house, choose the look of my characters ad invent them a life , sometimes characters that I would love to be.

Alexander, 22 years old,” I played the Sims several times as a kid. Playing this type of game was more occasional for me than other PS2 games at that time. In the Sims, I enjoyed the interactivity, the possibility to create a virtual life, as if I was playing God. Also, developing new virtual relationships was quite entertainment after my school homework.

The video game invites you to play according to your personality. Thus, the success is due to the freedom, the personalisation and the creativity that the player has to face and the possibility to be the author of his own story.

The Sims was a first in term of design and innovation, but also it was the first game dealing with the simulation of life and without any particular objectives, there is no end, the player just have deal with his characters and make them live the life he desires. Bing Gordon, the Executive Vice President of Electronic Arts said, ‘The Sims changed the way people play video games and also changed the kinds of people who play video games.’

The Sims has everything of the game politically correct. In fact, it is different that the game of nowadays, violent and not about the current world. The world in the video game could be ours that is why the public and also the parents agree so much with this game!

After 16 years, it is time to make an assessment about this society phenomenon!
Created in 2000, the simulation of life marked generations but also the video game history. In fact, the Sims represents one of the most important successes in the video game industry with more than 54 millions games sold in the world and has been translated into over 17 languages. Through this huge success, 4 games were made (in 2000, 2004, 2009 and 2014) seen as a humorous and offbeat projection of the consumer society, but also 2 different versions spin-off (in 2011) called the Sims middle Age and freeplay, all available on numerous platform PSP, Xbox, Android, Wii and more.

Moreover, the game became rapidly an addiction and a real community emerge! Player from all around there were sharing on website, forum numerous tricks or download platform to have additional object, clothes for your characters. People tried to break the rules by using some strategies, I am sure you all use the code to have more money 😉

Hey, OPML 2.0, are we still friends?

[Credit Photo : Dave Winer]

Did you know?  The Sims has been used as a tool to work in human sciences: Actually some specialist and especially the psychoanalyst Benoît Virole question of the use of the game in psychotherapy. Thus, the game was recommended to the children who have a difficulty to enter in a dialogue relation.  Some video games are even seen, as the image of the Sims, to have a potential towards some therapist in the domain of health.

You see it is recommended to play to the Sims 😉

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