My favorite place in Dublin series: No Name Bar: Fade Street

Outside the door of No Name Bar
Outside the door of No Name Bar

Whether you have been here for a week, 3 years or lived here your entire life, there’s one thing all Dubs have in common. A favorite place. The Circular has taken a closer look at 5 students answers when asked the question, what Dublin pearl do you hold dearest? 

Presented from the Student Handbook, these answers are meant for newcomers in town. Here with a goal of pulling away from tourist traps. This is the first in a series of 5 student favorite places, so be sure to check in each week for a new piece.

Number 1) 



Name: Ivona Poljak

Age: 22

Field of study: Journalism and Visual Media

Favourite place: Fade Street

“Besides being one of the best looking streets in the heart of Dublin, with loads of options for going out or casual meeting with friends, Fade Street is the street on which I met my soulmate for the first time.”

Fade Street 2016 Photo: Sunniva Batalden
Fade Street overview. Photo: Sunniva Batalden

Fade street was originally named after Mr. Joseph Francis Fade, an outstanding banker who after his death left a sufficient amount of money to be distributed among his family and businesses around town. His legacy lived on in no less than two street names, Fade Street and Joseph Lane. Which one of them, is still standing strong to this day. While Fade Streets long history includes butchers, slaughterhouses, and boutiques it has always been a market at the core. From 1704 it became a part of the ‘Castle Market’ existing of Exchequer Street, Drury Street, and Fade Street. From 1870 it was the home of the Wakeley & Wheeler factory, producer of silverware, plates, flatware and tea sets. Created from the best equipment money could buy and still alive today, 138 years later.

l'Gueuleton Resturant in Fade Street
l’Gueuleton Resturant in Fade Street. Photo: Sunniva Batalden

If walking through the streets many bars today, especially at night, you will quickly notice the rows of lightbulbs decorating the facades. A hint to its proud innovation time perhaps? Fade street was amongst one the first streets in Dublin to acquire electric lighting.

Jumping forward to today it is home to many a restaurant and interesting bars, most notably perhaps the mysterious ‘No name bar’ ‘Hogans‘ and ‘Fade Street Social’.

In her favourite street, Ivona Poljak
Ivona Poljak in her favorite street. Photo: Sunniva Batalden

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Outside the door of No Name Bar
Outside the door of No Name Bar. Photo: Sunniva Batalden

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