My favorite place in Dublin series: George’s Street Arcade

Whether you have been here for a week, 3 years or lived here your entire life, there’s one thing all Dubs have in common. A favourite place. The Circular has taken a closer look at 5 students answers when asked the question, what Dublin pearl do you hold dearest? 

Presented from the Student Handbook, these answers are meant for newcomers in town with a goal of pulling away from tourist traps. This is the second article in a series of 5 student favourite places, so be sure to check in each week for a new piece.

Number 2)

Name: Kristine Bruerberg Karlsen

Age: 22

Field of study: Journalism and Visual Media

Favourite place: George’s Street Arcade 

“Even though I always get lost in these streets, they’re my favourite in the whole city. They’re impossible to keep track of with hole in the wall-restaurants and quirky shops you can’t find anywhere else. Some of the places around here are also perfect spots for a first date, but also really great when you just want a night out with good friends.”






George's Street Arcade. Photo: Paolo Trabattoni on Flickr
George’s Street Arcade. Photo: Paolo Trabattoni on Flickr

Originally no Dubliners favourite place, this market is today perhaps one of the hidden pearls on your must-see map. This Victorian built shopping mall first opened for the public eye in 1881 and consisting of all the tiniest shops you ever wanted in one place. It is an unspoken hypothesis that perhaps it was the British influence that drove the Irish away at first, as it was being built by architects Lockwood & Mauson. They already had a handful of projects in their portfolio consisting of a Wool Exchange building in Yorkshire 1867, the Civil Service Supply Association building in London 1877, and the New Townhall, also in Yorkshire, in 1873. (Read more HERE)

George's Street Arcade, Dublin

After a terrible fire on August 27th 1892, most of the shops in George’s street arcade were burnt to the ground. The shop owners were left with no roof over their head and no premises to keep their business running. Insurance money was too low to help, leaving them empty-handed. When the public got to hear of this they took action and gathered the necessary means to have it rebuilt the exact same way. On September 13th 1894 the market opened its doors again and you could once more stroll through the incredible beautiful building that is the George’s Street Arcade.

George's Street Arcade at Christmas
George’s Street Arcade at Christmas Photo: Sunniva Batalden

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