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Fashions Road To Inclusion: How Fenty is Leading the Way

Savage X Fenty

Are unrealistic beauty standards finally becoming a thing of the past? And is Rihanna the one leading this revolution?  

The world of fashion and beauty have a long history of presenting unrealistic portrayals of women. However it seems like the tides may be turning, not with the help of fashions leading designer, but superstar Rihanna.

In 2017 Rihanna launched her cosmetic line Fenty Beauty.

Gaining immediate praise from fans and critics alike for the brand’s inclusive mission. Releasing 40 different foundation shades on her first launch.

As well as boasting lip, cheek and eye shades that will flatter all skin tones. Up to this point, brands having this wide a shade range (especially in the darker tones) was almost unheard of. Often stating the cost of production as the reason for limited shades.

Making $72 million in its first month, has Rihanna proved that making all woman feel included is the way for companies to go? Has Rihanna finally changed the game?

Just one year later Rihanna took on the fashion world, announcing she would bringing her same Fenty Beauty philosophy to an inclusive and diverse lingerie line Savage x Fenty. Entering into a field where brands such as Victoria Secret has dominated and who promoted thin tall model kinds as the ‘ideal body shape’ for the past 40 years. Rihanna was ready to give real women a brand where they could see themselves as the ideal woman.

Savage x Fenty debuted at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018, closing the week as the last show, taking the long-held spot of Marc Jacobs. Solidifying it as a brand that will make waves.

The show featured women of all races, sizes and sexually identities owning their sexuality in an extremely modern and exciting show even featuring two pregnant woman one being, Rihanna’s muse Slick Woods. Portraying every woman as strong goddesses, owning their sexuality.

This message from the show has thankfully translated to the ready to wear collection, with a wide range of  ‘nude’ shade lingerie.

Has fashion been changed forever?

Unfortunately not yet. This message of inclusivity hasn’t yet spread through the industry. With the Celine Spring/ Summer show at last weeks Paris Fashion Week getting bad press for the startling lack of diversity. Of the 96 models to walk in the show, only nine were models of colour.  Not helped by the fact that it was the debut collection new Creative Director Hedi Slimane.

The above photo being in the only of a model of colour on Celine Instagram feed, this is in stark contrast to that of Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty. Large established brands like Celine, need to do better to stay relevant.

With Fenty beauty bringing in $100 million in its first year and Savage X Fenty selling out completely shortly after its launch, hopefully, other brands will follow suit. Seeing how both positive for brand image and financially lucrative promoting diverse and inclusive beauty standards can be.


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