Fashionable or Prostitute? It’s Hard To Tell The Difference These Days!
When Prostitute becomes fashionable
Miley Cyrus’ new look – Image Credit Terry Richardson

I don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel that the fashion industry is becoming a little, shall I dare say it, redundant? It seems as though nothing has changed in the last year or two in terms of trends, just the desperate attempts to turn grunge into gothic grunge, homeless grunge, then the polar opposite to feminine grunge, chic grunge, romantic grunge, oh the list is limitless! Basically pick any style followed with the word grunge and you’re in business,  everyone wants a piece to be seen as ‘on trend’. What does that even mean anymore? It seems as though the skimpier a piece of clothing is the better.

‘Dirrty’- Image Credit- VladkoVladky



Ever since that day back in 2002 when I first watched Christina Aguliera’s ‘Dirrty’ Music Video its as though women’s clothes are becoming shorter, tighter and overall more revealing. I guess this is because sex sells. I don’t mean to upset the women who feel empowered or whatever to dress so revealing and certainly this isn’t a justifiable excuse for women being raped as many continue to believe accurate. I thought one fashion bible rule was if you show your legs, you don’t show your boobs and vice versa. Today, the motto appears to be ‘the less the better’. I guess the expression ‘less is more’ has undertaken a new meaning. is a popular website I often hear many Fashion bloggers and YouTubers praise for its ‘unique’ and theres that word again, ‘grungey’ style of clothing. Immediately I clicked into the website, hoping that maybe this would be the ideal outlet to purchase some high-quality and if needs being, expensive clothing. I was wrong. Look after look were of girls, the same pout, beachy waves and more skin on show than that of the clothing they are selling.

Leather and Fetish trends are all the go.
Leather and Fetish trends are all the go- Photo Credit Missguided


” This super cool fusion of the leather and fetish trends will ensure all eyes are on you this season. With suspender detail and wet look design, Gothic has never been this sexy! Work it with a crop top and high heels for the perfect look to dominate the dance floor.”  Is it just me or has the sex industry become dangerously close to the ‘Fashion’ industry? is another mainstream online website that stocks all the latest trends but at a hefty price tag. Many of their pieces are low-cut, short and at times leaves nothing to the imagination. I probably sound like ‘Miss Modesty’ right now but i’ll let you be the judge of that!
The Little Black Dress- Photo credit- Nastygal
“There is no losing in this puppy”- Photo Credit- Nasty Gal

Just incase you cannot read the description of this dress it states, ” This is a home run, touchdown, hole-in-one kind of dress. Crowds will gawk, twitter will blow up, and paparazzi will be clinging to you like a swarm of lovesick exes. In other words: there is no losing in this puppy. Features silky floral print with lace trim. Button and zip closures in back.”
Nasty Gal Sweetheart Dress- Photo Credit- Nasty Gal
The Smooth Sailing Romper- Photo Credit- Nasty Gal
Fashion Faux Pas?- Photo Credit- Nasty Gal


I’m embarrassed to admit this but just recently I watched the Hollywood classic Pretty Woman. As a brief synopsis, this movie is about a prostitute played by Julia Roberts, who is picked up by a rich businessman played by Richard Gere, and yes, the inevitable happens, they fall in love. The one thing I did notice though was how similar Julia’s prostitute attire was similar to that of the clothes found on some of the websites I mentioned above, and even on the high-street.
When Prostitute becomes fashionable- Photo Credit-

Isn’t it funny how suddenly the ‘prostitute look’ has become fashionable in the space of 24 years? I’m not trying to be a drag on the fashion industry but just that I am merely pointing out how an extra few inches, or even centimetres can do a body good. Lets be honest, we all don’t have the proportions that many of these models have advertising these clothes, so yes I can see your ass cheeks when you walk in that dress!


From Trashy
From Trashy- Photo Credit- Tumblr


-To classy! Photo Credit- Tumblr

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