Fashion in Temple Bar

“Fashion colours the streets of Dublin”A photo shoot was taken place in Temple Bar, Dublin, to show that there is more than one fashion trend in our society.

Walking the Streets- Photo Credit to Han
Walking the Streets- Photo Credit to Han WGSN

This photo shoot was to capture the street style on temple bar. Fashion plays a huge part in how we as people express our personalities. Whether we dye our hair mad colours like myself with red or wear fish net tights we all have a different style how are I went and asked the people behind the camera about the shoot and what message are they trying to get across.

“The website is called WGSN and our plan is to show the unique style of four different individuals. All four of them have very different personalities which is evident in their choice of clothing. The first girl Rachael is a very out going, bubbly person and her style is just anything that looks great. She doesn’t care whether it looks like something out a rocky horror show she’ll wear it and she wears it well”. (Girl with cat ears in photos). “ Then we have Liam who is a musician so his style is very cool and relaxed. He’s a huge fan of his hoodies and beanies. Who doesn’t love comfy clothes. Third person is a guy named Derek and he is a dancer however he has a very classy/rock/indie style. He loves wearing clothes that are easy to dance in but his tight skinny jeans are his favorite piece in his wardrobe”.

I just throw it on, and it looks cool & comfy I`m happy, fashion can be what you want it to be"
I just throw it on, and it looks cool & comfy I`m happy” WGSN

I asked Jess and Han (photographer and Director) about trends in today’s society is it still a thing or do people just do their own thing. They said “ you do have the majority of society that will not wear stripes unless there the new thing. But then you have the minority of people who don’t care whether or not stripes,circles, zig zags etc are in style they’ll wear what they want”. However I asked them are the young generation determined what to wear by the industry and then their peers or are they there own person?? They said “ I think there are a lot of “sheep” in the fashion world especially in the young generation. If you’re not wearing say air max then you feel excluded from society and your friends start to question why you’re not wearing what they’re wearing??”

"Express yourself, I love bold colours & patterns" says Meabh. Photo Credit to Han
“Express yourself, I love bold colours & patterns, that`s the kind of fashion I like” says Meabh.
Photo Credit to Han WGSN

After I asked them what advice would you give the young generation? And they had this to say. “BE YOURSELF”. “Whoever put us on this earth(GOD), made us all look different, shapes and sizes and mind and soul. If we were all to go around looking the same and doing the same thing then there would be no development in anything: culture, technology etc”.

"I am unique not a sheep, if i look a little wacky great that`s who I am, I love fashion & you choose what fashion trend you go for" says Rachel Photo Credit to Han
“I am unique not a sheep, if i look a little wacky great that`s who I am” says Rachel
Photo Credit to Han WGSN

Now looking at the photo shoot I asked them why they chose Temple Bar. “ Temple Bar has no structure or specific kind of culture it is made up of all different types of cultures and trends. Like the fashion world”. Also the cobblestones and the gravity just add to that edgy vibe we are looking for and it contrasts well with the clothes”.


But did the people not get in the way?? “No they added to the photos because temple bar is very touristy place and people from all around the world come around with different backgrounds and cultures”.

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Whats your street style ???

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