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Fan Fics: Ep. 2

Our Favourite Fan Fics

Have a favourite movie or tv show? You might feel invested in the story or connected to the characters. Perhaps you are so invested or connected that when the film franchise ends or the television series dies off, you just can’t let go?

Enter fan fiction; stories written around film and tv by people who just couldn’t let go. My co-host, Sean, and I don’t necessarily read the fan fiction written by lovers of the show that just want to see it continued in a meaningful way. No, we’re interested in the other that people fan fiction attracts. The entirely strange, disturbing, and intense characters.

In episode 2 of the Fan Fics podcast, we look at more violent fan fiction. The first episode was slightly graphic, sexual, and perturbing, with, I think, shades of humour and arousal. It also ended in violence!

While episode 2 of the podcast does, thankfully, feature some creative writing on behalf of its writer and perhaps a genuine love for the Wizard of Oz franchise, it also gets violent and weird.

But violent and weird can be good. The Fan Fics Podcast waters it all down, dilutes the creations of those entirely strange, disturbing and intense characters I mentioned earlier, and leaves the listener with a palatable yet bizarre ten-minute appetiser of fan fictions’ whacky world.

The basis for this aberrant, atypical conversation is a Wizard of Oz fan fiction, which you can read here (there are 5 chapters)… enjoy?

Fan Fics: Ep. 2
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