Fan culture: emotions in the RDS stadium

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It unites, it split, it provokes: fan culture is a battle concept, argument and also the labour of heart. Every club fan understands something else. Everyone can interpret what they want. Fan culture has many facets. She is loud, creative and sometimes bizarre. Rituals are a natural part of this: the journey to the game, the chants in the stadium, choreographies, pyrotechnics, drums, fence flags and a certain attitude.

There are those who are thrilled to find a club great because their players win one trophy after the other. From the true followers in the curve, the flag swivels, the season ticket holders, they are not taken for full. Anyone who has not ever cried for a club, who has not suffered, is not a true fan. Fan culture is a broad and elastic concept: some fans understand the term primarily as a shared experience on the day of the match. A beer, a hot dog, a chat and points – a match becomes a social event.

Sport means emotions and passion. This is the basis for lively fan culture and tense atmospheres in the fan buffs and in the grandstands of the stadiums. This indispensable part of the production on the side-line contributes significantly to the marketing of the association. Not a tactically minded move, not the praised stars in the field attract an audience of millions, but the discharge of emotions of the club fans. Often enough, clubs put this passion to the test with their athletic ups and downs. And yet, just when it comes to the existence of clubs, fans show eternal loyalty and solidarity for the club colours.

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