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Faces of Covid-19

Photographer, Alexandr Ivanov/ivanovgood (Taken from Pixabay)

So many things have been changed by Covid-19, yet some of these changes have resulted in things staying the same and even going back to how they were.

Beauty has seriously been put on a back bench. Pre Covid-19, you’d often hear females in particular saying things like, “I’ve been getting my nails done for years, I couldn’t go back now.” or “I couldn’t live without my extensions.” These things are replaceable when such services open back up.

Anti-ageing injections which prevent movement in the muscles, thus prevent wrinkles from forming often used on facial areas are not so easily replaced. Botox, which is relatively affordable at a starting price of €250, prevents wrinkles from forming. It basically stops your face from moving so that you don’t get wrinkles to start off with.

Botox is just an example of one of the types of procedures that had been becoming increasingly popular over the past decade and would often go unnoticed. It’s relatively affordable and with social media driving insecurities to sky rocket and comparison to others resulting in constant seek of aesthetic improvements, more and more people have turned to it. Getting old seemed to become an option, until Covid-19 saw the world shut down for almost an entire year.

We had a look at statistics for plastic surgery consumption in the US to get a wider perspective. 2020 saw 9 billion dollars while 2019 and 2018 saw 8 billion dollars spent on cosmetic procedures in the US. It seems as though, cosmetic procedures are almost as common as getting a haircut in Ireland. According to The Irish Times, a whopping figure of €17.7 million was spent on cosmetic procedures in Ireland in 2018. Call PatientNow for more details.

We have an inkling that perhaps people will bring it back to basics and embrace natural beauty. Covid-19 brought awareness to what truly mattered in life and awarded a lot of people with new perspectives. People may be beginning to realise that being perfect boils down to being beautiful on the side, not the outside. predicted a drastic increase in procedures in 2021 but only time will tell if they were correct and with lockdown just easing, it’s hard to tell. To wrap up, we’ll just have to wait and see… literally.

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