Facebook reach continues to drop!

There is serious concern shared  among owners of Facebook Like Pages when it comes to the reach of individual posts. These owners, who consist of; Businesses, products, Artists, Entertainment and Communities have invested serious time and in many cases money into their individual Like Pages.

Different type of Facebook pages
Different types of Facebook pages

When Facebook first launched, owners of such pages enjoyed a strong organic reach when it came to content on their pages. Fast forward to 2014 and owners have experience radical drops in their reach. Last year Facebook announced that the algorithms used for their news feed would be improved to filter out poor quality posts. Just like Coco Cola recipe is a closely guarded secret so too is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine what exactly people see on their news feed.

Facebook organic reach over time
Facebook organic reach over time

In the above graph you can clearly see the dramatic decline in organic reach over time. The study carried out by Edgerank Checker who examined 1000 Facebook like pages over a time period. This means that only a small % of the total amount of likes for any given page will actually see the content that page owners post. The exact figure for this is estimated to be between 1-20% – no exact figure is currently available.

..we expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site.

Facebook has openly admitted that organic reach will continue to decline over time. Their reasons for such a decline you might ask? They claim it ‘s to ‘improve content’. However many people believe that this is to encourage owners of pages to pay per post, also known as a ‘boost’.

Facebook Boost post
Facebook Boost post

If you compare the  paid reach of any given post verses the organic reach you will notice dramatic differences. This means that if owners want people to actually see their posts they must pay for it! Below you can clearly see the benefits of paying per post.

Organic V Paid
Organic V Paid

The above graph shows the total reach for a particular Facebook like page  that has 10,000 likes over a time period of one month. You can see the the paid post on the 01-03 of Jan reached 15,000 people. If you compare this to their organic posts they only reach an average of 5,000 people.

The future for all owners of a Facebook Like Page is worrying. The days of having each post reach the majority of your total likes are truly gone. Instead owners must now pay for people to see their content. Is this right? At the end of the day Facebook is a business and must generate revenue. You can argue that it is only right for other businesses to pay Facebook for what is advertising at the end of day.  However is it right for struggling musicians to have to pay for their fans to view their content? What ever you believe one thing is certain, Facebook will continue to reduce organic reach forcing owners of Like Pages to pay up or find another solution.




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