Facebook Home: A new way of controlling your life?

Soon enough Facebook will charge you to send a mail to a celebrity, while also later on this year in Europe will see the new Facebook phone go on sale. But is this just another attempt by the social media giant to take up more of your time and control how you communicate with friends?

The new design, which Facebook have called ‘Home’ have moved the normal smartphone into a whole new sphere and way of use. Through the ‘Coverfeed’ (like your newsfeed on Facebook, but where the apps should be) and ‘ChatHead’ a diverse and innovative way to communicate with your friends, Home has flipped the way that we now use our favorite device by ensuring that Facebook is at the center of it.

Take a look at the three adverts which are campaigning for Facebook Home…




Facebook has developed into somewhat a daily habit that most of us have to carry out. We eat our breakfast, shower…and log on. When you try to detox from Facebook, you feel you are going to miss out on something important that is going on among your friends, when really all you are missing out on is someone ranting about the delayed bus and a few photos of yet another night in the local. Have you ever gone out to catch up with friends, only to discover that you could have better communication with them if you went online to chat to them?

Here are another few reasons why you should log off:

You are studying Facebook and not for your exams:

Sit down to study. Open up computer. Write a sentence. Take a study break to repeatedly check newsfeed. Write another few sentences. Return to Facebook to check if anything has changed in the last three minutes. Sound familiar?

We all deserve a break from the heavy workload during our study period, but Facebook can have a way of butting in and have you logged on more than usual and distracting you from your task at hand. You are better off deactivating your account during assignment time so that you don’t have to repeat the workload…all because you put your status update in your essay by mistake.



You know 150 of the 700 friends:

The most awkward situation that you can have is when you meet or see someone in person (in some cases be completely unaware) or in some way feel like you know them…only to discover that you are already friends on Facebook. Yes, I think you spoke to them two years ago when you were a bit drunk and added them on a night out, only to never speak to them again. Adding the bartender that served you on your leaving cert holiday is an unnecessary friend request, and a sign that you should clear out your Facebook friendships if there is more than one like this example. It is not a popularity contest. The only thing with the unknown friend is that the clog up your news feed…



You use it as your ‘acceptable’ stalking method

If you visit someone’s Facebook page on average more than five times a day to see if they have changed anything on their profile, you are Facebook stalking. When you do this to people you are not even Facebook friends with then you have gone past the Facebook stalking and into bizarre. You can’t defend this action. LOG OFF.




You regularly use Facebook Lingo:

If in your day to day language, you find yourself uttering the words “Are you on Facebook?” or “Oh yeah I seen _____ put that up on Facebook”, “Add/Facebook me” and also “Upload that to Facebook”… then I am afraid it may be time to purchase a dictionary and find new words that you can communicate to people with.



With Facebook Home, it is taking the power of logging off almost impossible. But will this new device be another move that we will be hooked on?

What do you think are the other reasons and signs that we should log off Facebook?

-Facebook was only visited a total of four times during the writing of this article…in that time nothing had changed dramatically on my news-feed and as a result this article just took me a little bit longer to complete.


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