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Experiencing IKEA for the first time

Photo by Alexander Isreb from Pexels

IKEA is one of the most popular companies in Europe and all around the world. For me as an African girl who grew up in Nigeria, IKEA has been a place I grew up watching in movies and YouTube videos. IKEA seemed like a place where you could get anything and everything. Recently the plant I had died from neglect and it became the perfect opportunity for me to buy the plant I could take care of (a cactus). After asking my friends for approximately one hour she agreed to come to IKEA with me.

The first thing I realized about IKEA was how far away it was from where I lived. We took a bus and started the journey to IKEA, it was like every other bus trip to Dublin. It was going well until I saw IKEA from the window and honestly, it was the most glorious view I have ever come across. The building was massive and I could see the Yellow sign calling me in IKEA! After having a nerdgasm I proceeded to take multiple pictures in front of IKEA, I had to show my mum I made it to IKEA before she did.

I finally got into IKEA and I was immediately overwhelmed with the beauty that is IKEA. There are so many options of things to buy, I live in student accommodation but I was suddenly sure I wanted a couch that I could pull out and turn into a bed. If you ever need inspiration for what we want your future house to look like, you should definitely go to IKEA. I saw various chairs, couches, table and beds. In my opinion, the best part of IKEA was the model rooms. For those who haven’t been to IKEA yet, they have various model rooms in which you can purchase the room in its entirety or buy small parts of the room you like.

I walked around IKEA for a while and saw as many model rooms as I could, they also had a model kitchen with granite countertops, which we processed to play around and it was fun. A few hours walking around IKEA I checked my phone and found out that I had fulfilled my 10,000 steps for the day. At that point, we remembered what we came to IKEA for, I found the plant section and was able to get the cute Cactus I had ever seen. My friend got what they needed and we were finally able to checkout. One the way out got to taste some amazing free samples.

If you decide to go to IKEA here is some friendly advice

  1. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes: IKEA is huge, I would advise you to wear your most comfy shoes. You’ll end up doing a lot of walking around so wearing comfy shoes is a must.
  2. Give yourself enough time to go. IKEA can easily take up a chunk of your day without even realizing it so make sure you set out enough time for this trip.
  3. Write a list of what to buy so that you don’t get overwhelmed with choices
  4. Make a mind map so you don’t get carried away, there is so much to see and look at and having a plan beforehand will make sure you don’t get carried away
  5. Don’t take a shopping cart so you don’t buy too much
  6. Look out for the arrows on the floor so you don’t get lost.

IKEA as a whole was a very interesting experience and I would recommend going to IKEA to experience it for yourself. You can watch my YouTube video to see our experience in IKEA.

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