My Experience with Cosmetic Tattooing

Result of my Eyebrow Embroidery tattoo

I noticed a rise in The Trend of Cosmetic Tattooing on Social Media sites like; Facebook and Instagram.

The interest in the Trend ranged from young females from 20 up to females in their late 70s. If done correctly by a fully qualified professional , it can achieve an amazing affect of a fuller, natural eyebrow which enhances your facial features and compliments them.
As it is a tattoo, it is permanent but it will gradually fade over time and therefore, will have to be topped up in the future.

I decided to try The cosmetic tattoo experience with my brows. After a lot of research, I found a fully qualified specialist. It can cost €250-300, but as they say, cheap work ain’t good and good work ain’t cheap. In my consultation,  my face and eyebrows were measured so they could decided what shaped would best suit my face and features. Then, like any normal tattoo, an outline was marked, like a stencil. Then a mix of different shades are picked to match the right hair colour for the brows to look as natural as possible .I was offered a numbing spray and I highly recommend this. I have a high threshold for pain as I have a tattoo already on my hip, wrist and rib. But for those who have a low threshold for pain, it is not painful. You feel a slight sting at the start of the process but then the numbing spray sets in and you feel nothing. Once the procedure is done , you receive your list of care instructions. You cannot get them wet for up to 7 days and you must not use any serums, creams or makeup near the tattoo brows.

The healing process can take up to 4 weeks.At first, don’t be alarmed as the colour of your browser darken for the first week once they scab over. You must not pick the scabbing. It must heal and fall off naturally. After three weeks when the scabbing is gone, you notice a lighter, fluffy and more natural look and texture to your brows. Once the month of healing is over, you return for your second session. This is so the specialist can touch up any areas that did not heal properly (or the scabs you picked off that you were not meant  to pick!) And the specialist fills in the gaps and perfects the shape.

 Healing stages. Photo credit: Cosmetic tattoo eyebrows via instagram
Healing stages. Photo credit: Cosmetic tattoo eyebrows via instagram

After the second healing session, your eyebrows are naturally fuller looking and have a defined shape to compliment your face. This lasts for 12-16 months until your next top up.

BENEFITS: 1)No more spending hard earned money on makeup for your brows or eyebrow pencils.

2)Decreases the time it takes you to get ready when doing your makeup/ beauty regime.

3) Having a clear guideline of where to pluck your brows, preventing over-plucking.

4) Being able to swim in the sea on holidays, getting out of the shower,waking up hungover and being caught in the rain without your eyebrows washing away and vanishing.

5)Gives you more confidence if you a prone to not leaving your house without any makeup in public. Your defined, full brows compliment your features and  creates a natural look.

Eyebrow Embroidery
Eyebrow Embroidery

What more could you want?

Result of my Eyebrow Embroidery tattoo
Result of my Eyebrow Embroidery tattoo

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