Exclusive interview: Denney

Exclusive Interview with Denney ahead of his gig in the Hangar Dublin, on December the 11th. 


Denney  famously known for his 2012 track “Ultraviolet” is a DJ and Acid House producer signed to Hot Creations.  His number 1 hit held the position of “bestselling vinyl chart” on Juno, with Mixmag also calling him a ‘future hero’. Denney’s style has a deep root and foundation in acid, uniquely fused with melodic elements of house and techno.

Ahead of his gig in the Hangar, when asked how he would describe his sound, he states “Acid House on a party tip with a few twists and turns to get your jaws wobbling”. Denney fondly remembers his last time playing in Ireland adding that the “Last time I played Dublin I nearly missed my flight as was so drunk after the gig on Guinness…you guys know how to have a good time!  I’m looking forward to getting back as have heard great things about the venue and also playing alongside my old friend Oliver Moon.”

Denney’s father was a Jazz drummer and somewhat of a musical connoisseur, who avidly listened to Miles Davis and Charlie Parker – two musicians whose sounds were influential in Denney’s musical upbringing. At the age of fifteen, he dived into his first clubbing experience in The Empires one year anniversary, where he was entranced by the intricate and ever-enticing sounds of Carl Cox. This passion and love for dance music was really cultivated and strengthened by the quality of DJ’s who played in the night club Back to the Basics.

The release of his track “Low Frequency”, known for its pulsating low frequencies and ever satisfying sound, safely cemented Denney’s place among the upper echelons of Acid House. Denney’s track sought to achieve an old school reminiscent rave sound, which was  inspired by Todd Terry Sound Design. The illustrious label Ministry of Sound snapped up the track, which received numerous plays in Ibiza during 2015.  Denney offered an insight into the crazy party lifestyle of a touring DJ, briefly mentioning that “…someone took off a prosthetic leg and let someone else drink beer out of it at BPM.” Denney’s career has given him the opportunity to tour from  Yorkshire club nights to stages in Las Vegas and Ibiza, even eccentric locations such as the depths of the Monterrey ghetto in Mexico.

Coming towards the tail end of the year, Denney offered his opinion on the Irish and English music scene, stating “It is carving a very strong scene which is being acknowledged by the whole world. There are so many producers coming out making some amazing music and most of all, it’s good solid timeless house music… I’m excited to see which direction it goes in over the next few years”. Denney is looking wishfully into the New Year with planed tours in Australia, Asia and North America. Denney shared his love for experimenting with house music, although he added; “I would however like to write a downtempo album at some stage, maybe under a different guise”. As for the future – 2016 looks set to be a busy time for Denny with a remix of Harry Romero’s new track in the pipeline, as well as releases on Crosstown Rebels and 2020 Vision. With all the ambition and ideas he has yet to put into creation, one thing for sure is Denny has a prosperous DJ career ahead of him.

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Denney what are some of your favourite tracks from 2015?

Moonwalk “Acid”

Monday Club “Ghetto Bird”

Special Request “Amnesia”

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