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The efficiency of Dublin Bus

Photo by João Jesus from Pexels

In reland, There are several means of transportation: Bus, Luas, Train, Taxi, bicycle A reasonable amount of people make use of bus transport in getting on with their daily activities.

Dublin bus was founded on February 2, 1987. Its motto is “Serving the entire community”  It’s headquarters is in, Dublin with  7 depots Presently. Dublin Bus has about 120 routes on which it runs daily.

The company recorded to have carried over 138 million passengers in 2019 and about 325,000 people each day. The service runs at a 10-minute frequency at various bus stops from Monday to Friday at peak times and runs on 30 minutes interval at weekends.

Recently, a lot of passengers who make use of Dublin Bus have forwarded complaints about the unreliability of the bus, how it constantly comes late, not keeping up to time on the time board or never showing up at all.

According to the Irish Times, The transport operator(Dublin Bus) was sued in October 2019 by The National  Transport Authority (NTA) as a result of its unreliable bus service and failure to meet targets. It’s also been recorded by The Irish Times that since 2016, the Dublin bus has been fined more than 3million euros in total.

As A Journalist, I conducted an interview on  Bus Passengers In Dublin. I asked them how often they made use of the bus and if it is reliable and this is what they had to say.



The unreliability of the Dublin bus affects its customers as it makes them late to their desired destinations. Also, the disappearance of the bus at its scheduled time breaks the heart of it’s intended passengers as they keep waiting for the bus that never shows up.

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