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Everything You Need To Know About The Irish TikTok House

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The Go House (originally called The GOAT House) is Ireland’s first TikTok house. The house is essentially a group of 10 of Ireland’s most popular rising TikTok stars who live together and create content together to up their productivity. The Go House is modelled on US equivalents such as ‘The Hype House’ and ‘The Sway House’.

On the 2nd of September 2020, ten social media stars revealed that they were living in Ireland’s first TikTok house, which they named G.O.A.T. House. The house itself was in South Dublin and they even had a private chef who used to cook all their meals. However, the group has recently moved to a Victorian-era guest house on Lansdowne Road as their previous landlord told them a film company wanted to take a 12-month lease on the property.

The Go House was founded by Thomas Arnold and Jake Browne. Its members include Ryan Mar, Lauren Whelan, Andrea Camila and Lewis Kelly, Shauna Davitt, Nia Gallagher and Rober Zujan. The house has a combined following of 8 million followers and they post at least one video a day.

One of the biggest stories surrounding The Go House was when former member Marty Guilfoyle left after only being in the house for a few days due to the mass critism he received from online trolls. They took issue with the age difference between him and his younger female housemates.

Another story that sparked some online debate was the dance video challenge which featured a couple being intimate in a bedroom in the background. The Go House co-founder however, has denied that it was staged or planned and says that he doesn’t even know who was in the bed.

The Go House collectively creates a wide range of varying content style TikTok videos, from dance challenges to promoting products to generally funny entertaining videos. Check out the links below to some of their TikTok videos:

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