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Events Industry In the Pandemic

Photo by: Pixabay from Pexels

The novel coronavirus (COVID 19) have impacted the event industries globally. As a result of the disruption, event creators, planners, and vendors are trying hard to navigate. While some are cancelling their events, some are taking the opportunity to postpone. And some are holding their events online.

Some event professionals have taken this opportunity to educate themselves and learn to improve on their craft. Event websites such as Eventbrite are sharing tips on the best practices as the event community faces this unprecedented time.

This challenge is why the ‘Let’s Talk Event’ Facebook group was opened. The group is a community were events professionals from makeup artists, planners, decorators, caterers and other professionals can come together and discuss how to navigate through the industry during and post-pandemic.

The group was opened with the primary purpose of giving events professionals an avenue to share their knowledge. It is also to create a place for professionals to network and create a new opportunity for each other.

Photo by fu zhichao from Pexels

The community would discuss topics such as guidelines to taking your events online, tips for staying informed, postponing events, events post-pandemic. The topics will be discussed logically, and member contributions are encouraged. Other topics are centred on successful event management and creation.

Although contributions are encouraged, members are expected to respect everyone’s view and privacy. The group is not restricted to just event professionals but also individuals who are interested in learning more about the event industry.

Everyone is encouraged to join this community, and we look forward to learning from each other. The group link is below.


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