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ETHIOPIA: Things that you probably did not know.

Ethiopia is one of the world’s oldest countries, its territorial extent having varied over the millennia of its existence.

People in Ethiopia, regardless of age or gender, work equally. It is an admirable country characterized by its unique landscapes. ‘’The vegetation has different tonalities, it could be said that it looks like an carpet‘’ (it says Esperanza Colmenares, a tourist who was recently there). In each area, its inhabitants have developed agriculture, farming and have made their own houses. The houses are made with pieces of wood that they cut and process by themselves. Each member of the family is part of the productivity. The cattle are managed with a stick, and even a child of 6 years, could be in charge of a cattle, that would constitute for more than 7 cows. The inhabitants of Ethiopia are not used to large scale of tourists, but in spite of that, they are very welcoming and smiling, and more importantly, respectful. The language they are able to speak is called Amharic and Oromo, and the tour guides understand English, French and Italian.


The coffee is produced on the ground and heated in a clay jug which is heated with charcoal, and no less relevant, the coffee is delicious. In Ethiopia the painting is practiced, and they create paintings with the colors they extract from the flowers. For example, yellow, pink, red. And it is very durable, because it is a natural color of the same plants.

They practice the Christian-Coptic religion, also Catholic and Muslim, and there are monasteries that have original paintings dating back many years. There are several churches that are located in the mountains, and is called ‘’Lalibela‘’, these churches were built after digging for several years and create them under the mountains.

To move to other cities, the road is adapted for long roads and have appropriate vehicles for long journeys. During the journey, you can see different animals, that are not considered violent. Normally, Africa is promoted as a devastated area but it is really a beautiful country with a great history worth knowing, of which its natives are proud.

The birth of the River Nilo originates in Ethopia, and the route to move there, it is rudimentary and must be moved with rustic vehicles.

Egito - Cruzeiro pelo Nilo

The hotels and restaurants are fully accustomed to the comfort of the tourist and the companies that offer tour services are very friendly and courteous, willing to be welcoming to anyone visiting their territory.

Ethiopia is a country that should be on your list of countries to visit. You could have an incredible experience and all your doubts about the country will be answered.

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