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Est-Ce Un Péché (It’s No Sin)

Photo by Ed Kelly for Clo's Chocolates

While Paris museums remain open this Easter Monday, Sligo Town has an Easter Parade of its own, in the glass cabinets of LE FOURNIL.

Photo by Ed Kelly for LE FOURNIL

Standing in the sweet-scented glass-fronted shop of LE FOURNIL on Tobergal Lane, it’s hard not to swallow.

Behind chin-high cabinet glass, two chocolate unicorns absently look on in the direction of a pair of shimmering pink beribboned Cinderella shoes.

LE FOURNIL is a place where children come to dream and to tap on glass and say: “and that one and that one and that one.”

Inside the French pâtisserie fairytales and magic made of chocolate while outside the daffodil and black outdoor seating of a French Café.

When Clotilde and Tomasz talk about chocolate, you know they mean business.  That is because they are the award-winning French chocolatier “Clo” Rambaud and partner Polish chef Tomasz Giderewicz, owners of LE FOURNIL and Clo Chocolates, of Sligo Town.

Word of mouth plus being in the right place at the right time built a business with a now solid customer base.

Specifically, satisfying the needs of a community in coffee and chocolate withdrawal during Covid brought about the opportunity. Of their customers, the pair say: “They like sweet things. They are willing to pay for quality.”

The pair met in Sligo. And they fell in love and started a family and a family business.  

“We have been in business in Sligo since 2012.”

Then Covid happened.

“A lot of people got to know us. We did deliveries.”

Clo says they scheduled forty delivery spots each day.

“In fifteen minutes, they were booked out.”

They worked hard Clo says about that time and they didn’t sleep much, she adds, laughing.

“We slowly reopened after Covid. It was Easter the first weekend we opened. When people saw the queue, they hopped on it. They said: “You make coffee? Oh My God! I haven’t had coffee in months!”

That’s how they built their customer base.

Hard work pays off.  LE FOURNIL sells a thousand mince pies a week at Christmas time.

“We are lucky in Sligo. People here, once you earn their trust, you have it.”

Today, a chocolate factory, two children under ten and a café pâtissier make Thomas and Clo very busy people.

Logo Image courtesy of LE FOURNIL.

LE FOURNIL is just off O’Connell Street, at No. 2, Tobergal Lane, Sligo Town. Look out for the daffodil and black outdoor seating.


CONTACT: LE FOURNIL Telephone: 071 9149807




 Designer Ed Kelly

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